The World Has the Right to be Skeptical

Right now the world is playing witness to a masterful attempt at political wizardry. It’s with no doubt that the Presidential Prince Barack Obama is the culmination of 8+ years of democratic studies on the overall American demography.

If we review the presidential past cases the cards have been reshuffled twice and democrats’ have lost both hands. Now the hand has been delt and with the help of some elite few (for whom we don’t know yet) Senator Obama has been hand selected to secure victory at whatever the cost to anyone who fights against him.

What I’m suggesting, be it as controversial as it may, is simply that the old saying that said, “If its too good to be true then it probably is” might apply most appropriately here. Day after day I see the biggest media campaign work tirelessly to broadcast the supposed “icon of the nation” speak eloquent words of no consequence.

The issue here is rights of passage. I am likely to be of the old notion that there are certain positions in society that merit a harsh litmus test before taking these positions. Experience and leadership are one of these tests… It’s naïve to say that both of these are worthless and meaningless when applying for a job of great importance. If one were simply to study America’s importance and influence with the world today, they will certainly be shocked at the sure power we weld with our foreign policy. Never in our history have we or should we be open to the idea of freely handing over “willy nilly” our influence through unbrokered negotiations.

However, the attempt at utopia is still at work. Already leaders with similar visions have fought, won, and dissipated yet Obama seems to be the one who thinks it’s different with him.

Obama’s weakness is simple opposition. The ability to accept that not all that oppose him are wrong and that there is merit in listening. Dictating orders to America’s military won’t better the situation, nor will photo ops and the like.

If Obama needs my vote he needs to show us the beef. He needs to step down from his self erected pedestal and show us that he’s not what my greatest suspicion is: The democratic elite’s puppet or ticket to the white house.

I hope I’m wrong… for the nation’s sake.

~J out


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