New Fitness Goals

I made a deep plunge into something I honestly have some clue, but not a whole lot about. It’s in the area or perhaps “the arena” of fitness, health, and “working out” on a regular basis. Working out I suppose was something I kinda-sorta cared about all through out my youth, but I was heavily subsidized by the fact that my metabolism was high. This made for a slacked off approach to working out.

***Confession Time for the R3dragon

At age 23 I’m still young, but young in the adult stage now. That means I’m pretty old for the child/teen years and I’m noticing that simple routines and walking a little extra isn’t doing it for me. It seems my metabolism has either slowed down or I’m not exerting myself like I used too. Regardless I’ve gained all the weight I lost in Japan and then some. Coming home from Japan I was thin… real thin.. like maybe 155 lbs thin. I remember in the cold months in Sapporo bundling up 2-3 layers deep for warmth and I was often cold. Today I’m at nearly 199 lbs and it scares me. In the back of my mind looms the troubles of my families past with overweightness and I know that tipping the 200lbs mark will bring nothing but unwanted trouble. So I need a drastic change… ’08 is going to by my year of change as I leave the undergraduate world. So working out more often will by my Anti-Dub.

To do this I need a nag… Parents are no good here because they quite frankly care too much. No I need a professional nagger. So this evening I did something wild… I went to the local 24hr fitness and signed up for a plan that’ll (hopefully) kick my ass and turn my fat unhealty self into a lean mean candidate for OCS (if I’m privileged to get in some day ). This is working towards establishing a precident of good health and moving the ball to something positive that I hope I can keep doing for the remainder of my life.

We’ll see… Under these tags I’ll add yet a new blog topic “Working out” and “Advancement towards fitness goals.”

Time to reap the whirlwind!

~J out


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