stubbed toe ouch!

Yesterday was (in my opinion) not the way one starts a good weekend.

I went to work all normal like, but there was a bunch of energy in the office all due to this party we had scheduled for the afternoon. Well at like 12a I headed down to check on my car (because it was getting hot) and open up some windows. I headed back and heard the party was starting so instead of casually going up those stairs I rushed it 2 at a time.

I’ve done this before… no biggie, but with funky toe sandals I slipped and jammed my left big toe into the concrete stairs “OUCH!”

It was a stub… but my experience has been after the throb it gets better… ‘cept it didn’t. It just got all deep red and swollen. By the time the party and day was over it looked bad… real bad. My plan was to help out Dad with his work load, but by the time I got there it looked broke so instead I ran over to the Sunnyside hospital for an exam.

Their emergency services sucked… I mean I got checked in ok and even got some x-rays fine… but I had to wait with a bruised painful toe nearly 1 1/2 hours to get into a room…. dang.

Finally a nurse checked it out and sent the info to the doc… and it turns out all it was was a bad sprain. So like I checked in at 5:45ish and left at 8pm to find that I had a sprain..

Whatever… I got my notes and recommendations and headed home (my car’s a manual btw). When I got home I sat down… put up my bad foot.. and turned on the olympics to find Gymnastics on with all sorts of wicked toe bending 🙁 …

What a night..

~J out


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