Hail’in Palin to the McCain/Palin ran whitehouse

Last night watching the stirring speech by Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin I was awestruck by the witty & charming appearance of a person ready to face a cynical, but accepting America. I happen to not be the only one too.

From the political mob squad of MSNBC’s First Read-

From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico MontanaroST. PAUL, MN — Last night’s speech by Palin made one thing very clear: Conservatives have found their Obama. Win or lose, Palin has already established herself as the future star of the party. She stayed within her comfort zone, avoiding issues she’s not up-to-speed on just yet. The only question is whether her tough sarcastic words for Obama played well with swing voters, who were hearing her for the very first time.

The spin is that this goofy old vet just outta the blue picked Palin, but that’s spin. If by that they judge McCain then all who fall in love at first sight, too need to rethink their hubbies and gals ;P.

No, Palin Showed us both the character of a westerner, the drive of a working class Mom, the determination of a real reformer, and the brazen armor that she can ‘hack anything’ you throw. And get ready for a whole lot more it too.

It’s hard to judge the media since they’re somewhat tied in ways to supporting the highest bidder’s wishes, but the general thumb is a 110% attack after a rousing speech means someone has doubts over their (otherwise) invincible candidate.

Speculation aside– I say the dems are showing some color. Out goes any notion of a “negative-free” campaign now someone is worried. If it isn’t clear already there’s factions to be dealt with on the otherside before any (cough) “UNITY” materializes. For one, notions of sexist commentary against Hilary, and now Palin need to end– By going off on Palin you remind Hilary supporters both converts & others that the party you support don’t support “working Mom’s for VP.”

Second– The party of Minorities is dispelled. McCain reshuffled the deck of “political cards” when he picked Palin. It’s now about whose reform is “actual” and whose reform is “re-hashed as political non-speak.”

McCain/Palin haven’t wrapped it up, but they’re a unified force against a party of full of small cracks– It’s only a matter of time before the party divides– Thus it might be crazy to say this, but it may be that a McCain/Palin administration is the best the Dems have at actual unification (since it’s clear Bush/Chaney couldn’t do it).

~J out


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