A Multi-layered life


A Multi-layered life is like a big taco


~J out


2 thoughts on “A Multi-layered life

  1. *someone sounds like they are in trouble for NOT explaining
    that the shaggy dog story told at Izzy pizza was intended to be a joke.

    However, if concern for “meaning” is raised.. let us think
    about the third question.. Be with some mystery… and
    abide in the truth that at all is LOVE.

  2. So tell me Josh who doesn’t have a multi-layered life? Your post sounds as though you are just unwilling to reach out and relate to someone who wants to reach out to you- who cares about you. Why insult them with “You just can’t understand me”. The obvious response is “Try me”.

    Son, those who cannot or will not share their innermost thoughts and feelings with someone else they love, is someone who will end up living alone. I would rather see you struggle to get you feelings out than be lonely.

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