Down and out for the 3 count

I don’t know what it is that I got, but it’s bad. two days ago is when I noticed it. My voice began to change ache with every drink of water, food ate, word spoke. It didn’t really hit hard though until yesterday morning. Yesterday I went to school and when I was talking to my friends I had that voice you get when the day earlier you drink too much whiskey. Ya know that low graspy voice. It hurt like heck when I talked. I was about to spit for home and take a break when our international councilor person caught me walking off and said, “hey you’re supposed to meet the elementary school today.” The way she phrased it made me think this was some sort of century old trick to make foreigners who can’t speak good Japanese to do what they want.

Some other time I’ll do a post about it, but to wrap up.

Today I’m down and out my voice gone and ache like crazy. I played hookie at school and drinking tea. My nose drips like a leaky fossit and my head is cloudy. I hope Japanese colds die off as quick as American colds because I’m sick and tired already of being sick and tired. Plus the medicine that the host family is giving me is in Japanese so I don’t know what they’re giving me.

~Urgh J


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