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Saturday, September 02, 2006

T-3days: Going to war

The time is near and war is approaching!

Packing has begone along with the many different photo shoots with members of the family, the girlfriend, and the house..

The packing has been intense! On my first tier I’ve packed the basics. It’s like my first day of Boy Scout Backpacking trip all over again. Back when I was just a wee scout I remember packing everything (all but the kitchen sink!). I thought that now, as an Eagle Scout, packing would be easy and simple. Alas.. it is not.

Packing for a 50 miler is one thing, but packing as if you’re moving is different. Questions arise like, “just what do they have in Sapporo? mmm I wonder if I should take this? This asprine will be expensive I should pack that. Ohhh what if they don’t have __X__ or it’s too expensive? I should pack it. Oh the misery! And then when it’s all packed then I need to find space for the plethora of presents I’ll bestow on this poor family who’ll be my guides to this land of undersized clothing and weird food.

All shouldn’t be that bad. They have to live there as well therefore be able to get basic necessities right?

I’m sure everything will work out. Time to take more pics and pack. Time is windling to the big day I hope i’m ready!

~J out

Thursday, August 31, 2006

5 days and a wake-up

Here’s my first of many blog posts.

I got 5 days and one wake-up till I’m on my way to the land of the rising sun. I’m working on getting my gear ready and checking my papers twice! Life will be different to say the least.. Hopefully i’ll try to be diligent enough to post my epic adventure for all to read!

So here’s to a great adventure!

J out!


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