One Night of Incredible Snow!

Last night was a beautiful sight to see. It was if everything I’d been accustomed to had changed into a magical wonderland of snow. Snow, of course, is hardly rare this time of the month so to see it was nothing special for the family. For me it was so awesome that I had to go out and play around. The forecast was for snow that evening, but the next day it simply melted away.

The snow last night, however, was actually different from the snowflake snow. Last night’s snow was like round pellets, not hard or soft, just pellet snow. It was too cold and too dark to catch any really grand shots of the scenery, but I managed to get a before and after shot of the front of our house.

This first was one I took when I got here in September:

This second one was last-night’s picture.

It is pretty cool to see the snow beginning to fall here. Today the snow didn’t fall, but I’m sure it’ll fall later this week and when it does, you better believe I’ll get some groovy snow shots. Like this one that I took last night as a train passed by.

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