Are we still asleep?

Right after September 11th people started saying that the middle eastern terrorists had “Awoke the sleeping giant.” That was referring to the massive military and capability of the United States to take charge and react! Now the war overseas has gone on for a couple of years and talk in congress *was* leaning towards putting conditions on the Iraq War spending bill. Well now we’re hearing that after (no doubt) some serious *cough* negotiations between congress and the White house (with observing members Bruno and Bernie) congress is floating a four month spending bill with no strings attached.

On top of that, it’s obvious, more then obvious, that our presence in Iraq is bogging us down. We have so much going on there that our political clout over other nations is dwindling. Iran now thinks, no.. KNOWS that we lack the ability or the motivation to seriously crack down on them so they’re calling our bluff. Dippy Do Chief of Staff Condie Rice asks why Iran would defy all these sanctions… Wha? Is it not apparent? He who has the nuke does not get invaded.

The perils go on… This new immigration bill, no matter how its pitched, does not “get the job done.” I’ll say it because its true, but not advertised in the media: Not ALL immigrants who are working in the US are Mexican! We have Indians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Venezuelans, Vietnamese, not to mention Canadians, all working here in some capacity that if this bill were to go through, all of them would be effected in some way, shape, or form.

This gets me to my point… We said after 9/11 that the terrorists awoke the sleeping giant, but I contest that and say that Americans are still asleep. We live lives of lavish and fear not suicide bombings when we fly. We drive when we want and do not expect fuel shortages, we have our TVs on (maybe two), Ovens going, Refrigerators on, Computers on, Ipods charging, etc etc and do not expect a power outage/failure. To top it, we put “stop the war” on our cars, but do nothing more. We are still asleep… We were skeptical when the majority said we needed to stay in Iraq, but now we are not skeptical when the majority says we need to leave by the end of the year… why are we not skeptical?

Action takes place in the form of questions that we need to ask. Knowledge is power, not consensus or might!

~J out


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