Giving God a shout out =’s good policy?

In the recent human embryo debacle, Nancy Peloci gave God a shout out when she said, “The ability to destroy human embryos to cure diseases is a ‘gift from God.'” Speaking from her mostly Catholic religious background, Peloci is using a 
new democratic strategy to sweep in ‘disenchanted republicans.’ While perhaps this is supposed to be progressive, what is it really 
doing to help democrats?

No one can doubt or discard the recent surge of power by this new group of Americans “the neo-cons,” they represent a huge voting bloc and are responsible for the president’s rise 
to power. Many of them are swayed by religious motives and like many, they want a stronger commentment to the morals emphasized in Christianity. All of this isn’t the problem… Where the line has recently been blur’d is where politicians are having to ‘shout out’ or ‘give reference’ to God to justify their view on a topic like actors, in the last Emmy Awards, giving Jack Nicholson a shout out when they’ve won something.

I’m not saying Jack Nicholson rivals with God (?) what I’m saying is that in (what I thought) a secular state where religion and government has been purposefully separated, our leaders feel like they have to pander to the religious base.

This is all because Christians, who feel they’re at the center of everything, think that choice needs to be legislated so that the options out there are ok with them first. What I mean is that… In our public schools, instead of parents teaching their kids that there’s also creationism, these people want teachers to teach both… While there’s a element of laziness here, the worst aspect is that Politicians think that they have to do it.

Listen…. A parent’s job since parenthood is to first find your morals and truth’s and then teach your kids to choose the right path (what ever that maybe). Making government (which is supposed to be fair and unreligious) teach your kids morals is wrong, because the Government will always fail. There is a myth that our founding fathers we’re raving Christians and that our
republic was founded on God-only pricipals. If that were true then America would like that of a sharea-law state, instead of where there is Islam there would Christian law. In fact there is no such elements of that in our government, and the reality is that such a God-centric republic was what the early settlers were running from in England. 

America origins come from the enlightenment period, where people with ideas and philosophies could work on them with an element of freedom. To say that if you want progress in science you need to find a God-spin on it is unnessary and a mockery of the real principals America *should* stand for. Religion (whatever it maybe) is a personal thing that should remain in the house, not in politics or law. 

If we continue to endorse such behavior, I’m afraid that next Christians will be violently persecuting Athiests and Athiests persecuting Christians with some sort 
of endorsement by the government.

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  1. I guess one could argue, if you want it done right, do it yourself. Don’t put your faith in the government for this, especially if faith is such an important part in your life.

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