Just a short spurt of random thought

Recently over the weekend my mind has been in a world of my own, I have been floating the idea of a sailing escapade unlike anything conceivable as of recent. For most of the ancient period, the seas were the mode and the wind was the catalyst for exploration. One could say that the twenty-first century has been depreciated by aero-technology, only that we no longer need to “set sail” anymore. Admittedly, this voyage of mine would be for recreational purposes, since there’s little to no way to truly justify a circumnavigation of the world.

I’ve honestly never been known to think on the details of such a grandiose expedition. I have thoughts on boat designs and equipment, and of course the expenditure of it all weighs heavy on my mind, but in respect to myself I truly have been besieged with the idea of originality. There be many a man who have sailed the great seas, some have sailed the shortest route, some have sailed the fastest route, and some have sailed the cultural route. Each man has had his or her own venture; some have even shared this quest with a cohort or companion. So what certainly would make my sailing adventure so inimitable?

Today is an early dawn of a new era known furtively through our 20th century minds as the new-age 21st century. When you procure a new 2007 model car it is officially a twenty-first century car. Same goes with houses, jobs, boats, and adventures. My saga, my escapade would be to explore the planet as it is, in the twenty-first century. My dream is to report my adventure instantaneously, using modern technology, to bring to you places across the globe as they are when I saw them. Astonishing as it is, there is a satellite up there with technology here that would allow a small sailboat to transmit daily from anywhere on the planet. In a sense, that would encompass my new founded ardor for mass communiqué in terms that I am even tickled to contemplate.

To be fair, I wonder if this ostentatious idea and philosophy is just my ego contending with my dreams. Perhaps sailing, to me, is a metaphor for “absolute autonomy.” By absolute autonomy, I mean a freedom unlike the kind offered by my magnificent America. A freedom not just to select your path, but that these choices hold with it real world consequences… It is not too often that a human being, in the twenty-first century will ever have such liberty. Unlike our fathers and their fathers, the American freedom that we aver to have, seems to be too genteel and cultured, not that this is terrible, but minus 9/11 and school shootings, our lives go on unabated by the veracities and plights of the rest of the world. To placate ourselves, I feel that a true bubble has been put around us so that true freedom is substituted with a shell of its former self. It is with this burden of truth that I find my mind setting sail for a possibility to be truly free, or at the least, to have a better sensitivity of what true-freedom feels like.

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  1. Rog..

    Well said on the subject of Liberty. Freedom is hard to

    Wizdom and..Courage for
    that first pull of the brass ring!


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