Back 2 Norml

Luckily Radiohead came to save the day with their new album ‘in rainbow.’ The album features an unique aeclectic Radiohead sound that you can’t really find anywhere else. The news about is that they’re distributing it via, and only via, the web. After googling “Radiohead” or “Radiohead in ranbows” and getting to their site, it takes about 10 or less minutes to pick your price (yes you choose how much to pay. Be it 0.00 pounds or 10 quid) registering and then submitting your info. A link then shows up and the file (a .zip) pops up like you would download any thing.

I enjoy the sounds of Radiohead, but I don’t enjoy the ignorance of my peers. A twist, if you may, in the conversation– News, as I thought, was all around us. Like a plague or privy to have it whirl about you and to always be ‘in the know.’ I am a news hound- I have my nose in every scandal, election prediction, War assessment, Legal battle, and international headlines. Yet, that’s just me.. And I don’t expect anyone but me to be that way. However I found it shocking that my peers in class and at work are clueless and must live under some rock their entire lives. For example, someone I knew asked if it had rained today– I said, “yeah this afternoon I think, but did you see that giant swirl off the coast?” “Oh” they replied, “I don’t look at weather reports…” Now this comes from a person, like most of us, who spends time at their computer for hours and they don’t know that a massive swirling weather system was just off our coast? Do they not know of ‘the danger zone?’

You don’t have to know a lot to live, but at the very least you must have a eye out for when the apocalypse rains down on your area so that you could, at the least, take out your umbrella. God and man have made it possible to know what is happening at a Summit in Karachi from a beach chair in Bangkok- Ponder that folks— the 60’s had a famous phrase they said before going to commercial breaks “Stay Tuned Folks…”

Don’t be caught being those people who focus so intently on their immediate surroundings that they don’t know if they’re indeed in “The Danger Zone” or when the President declares Marshall Law and forbodes you to use your cell phone in a crowded bus (ok maybe that would be a little extreme, but you get the point)

Stay Tuned folks-and the world, you thought you knew, will change dramatically before your eyes.

GO Benazir Bhutto!!! YOU SHOW THEM GIRL!



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