Settling the sand

There’s too many analogies to what life is like, but never enough on the impact of what we do in our lives… so here’s one.

Through life we pass through stages like walking on sand. One action causes a foot print that no matter how much you try, others can follow it to the source. We mess up and many times leave foot prints where we should not have been. Likewise we follow paths and think that, at times, our actions are true when they’re actually misguided and our prints always reflects that.

Judgment, as we see fit, is always with its own footprint and those administering it should know that their footprints are also in life’s proverbial sandbox.

Don’t lie to yourself, truth can dispel lies, but it also causes personal and public pain sometimes. The stinging of some truths will continue to sting for a while until those of us who have been stung, by our own stinging and/or the stinging of others, can make amends with ourselves.

We are not soulless machines who are capable of rebooting, we’re human beings and cannot live without each other. Sometimes what we feel we have lost is not entirely lost, but misplaced. With deep thought anyone of us can clime onto a bicycle and ride on… even though we have forgotten what it was like to ride a bike.

It is a fact of life that our looming predictions, seeds of discontent, and secrets only scatter those who just want to embrace in true companionship. There are humbled, humiliated, lost, love one’s who are doing nothing but waiting for the warm embrace of their companions to find them and tell them they care. If all of us could just embrace those we love whole heartedly, and not let go, then time will settle any debt we have, on its own, and the roots of love, forgiveness, and happiness will blossem and hopefully make us better loving people.



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