Happy Thanksgiving Indeed

We all must share another round of “I should be thankful for….” sometimes it comes easy for some, but for others they feel that where they are today was just fate working it’s magics.

None of us just ‘got here’ we were ushered, almost by the hand, to get where we are today. As adults (that they say we are) we must look back and be thankful that in our hour of need there was somebody to thrust that plastic spoon of mush into our face in order to keep us alive.

Thankyou Mom and Dad for doing that and making me into what I am today. Thank you God for not ignoring all my 1000 yelps for help either. I’ll admit that I’m no more independent than a cat… no food in the bowl will resound in a meow from me and thus *that* which is food arriving upon my plate and moral encouragement to keep going is what I’m most thankful for.

Not just from my Parents. but from everybody whose ‘cheered me on’ to the finish.

Thanks… I am truly thankful for you.

~J out


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