Sometimes in our lives we get this feeling of hunger. Not the food kind, but the feeling of “I want more.” It is possessive, and perhaps egotistical to ask, but I know I find myself in places where I look at my daily routines and say, “that’s it? I want more.”

Having been shut off from other pleasures and routines, I can say that my life is starting to smell of a state of limbo. I was asked not to recently what all I’m going to do with my wonderful degree from Lewis and Clark. All I could think about was what I was going to do to finish that project at work.

Sad isn’t it.

I know this juncture is only a marker that I’ll look back on and laugh at. I’m naturally prone to want more in the way of feedback, communication, etc. but it’s too cumbersome I suppose to help me out, thus I’m stuck… Stuck in a wedge between wanting adventure and establishing myself in this world.

Enough of my babble.. Life is good in reality…

In fact it’s all good… just not satisfying enough 😛


Lets just hope Bhutto pushes out of this Musharaf rutt and kicks some behind ..ok! I’ll volunteer for any parade she marches in!



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