Back… sorta

Hey… what’s up? It’s been over a month since I’ve posted I see.. dang..

Well I’ve graduated, walked, and got the big-bird diploma in the mail… And now I’m a… a.. still working.

But a month’s gone by and what do I have to show for it time wise? Well something rather special has been taking up my time lately.. She’s petite, nice looking, and very fast.

Take a look…..She’s a DA..

DA is just the short word for a 1991 Acura Integra LS (Luxury Series). “DA” Comes from the Chassis Code “DAxxxxxxxx” in the VIN number. Anyway I digress… 😛

I bought this Car about a month ago just after I was starting to wonder what to do with no reports or million page thesis’ to write. It was up in Tacoma and the deal was pretty much this.. One week on a tuesday I spotted this car on Auto Trader so I emailed the owner in Tacoma what the deal was.. I got a reply wed and we chatted back and forth all day ’bout it. Then I found out the owner had 4 or 5 buyers stacked up wait’n for the weekend so I got this deal: “Show up tomorrow (thursday @ 1) and it’s yours if you want it. So instead of pass’n I emailed the boss– got the next day off and Dad & I rolled like a bandit and made it up to Tacoma in less then 2 hours (left @ 11 btw).

The rest as they say is history..

So the car showed up in the driveway Thursday bone-freak’n-stock (no mods), but it was kept real clean.. So I started cruis’n craigs and found a slick cat back exhaust, C.A.I. (cold air intake), & headers and swapped off the OEM stuff for that… or atleast that’s been my project..

The Wheels came from craigs too… Overall I know I’ve spent more or less $1k+ just updating it from 1991 to 2008 with some kick’n tunes, alarm system, and engine upgrades and it’s all been real fun.

I haven’t had this much fun since my old CRX (which was fun too :] )

So I have some more plans lined up for it down the road that i’d really like to get back posting ’bout.. This car… for all it’s grooviness has already had some ‘issues’ that I hope to talk ’bout later.. Primarily they center around the fact that the engine bay hasn’t been touched since ’91 :).

Ok that’s all I got for now.. more to come..



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