late night jam!

Let me set the stage since I think it’s quite funny in a way..

It’s just past midnight right now and I have Ella Fitzgerald queue’d in my winamp playlist..

I have word up and I’m trying to type out my JET Application’s “Statement of Purpose” essay while keeping it within the format (2 pgs, double space, 12pt, 1″ marg, etc.).

next to my keyboard I have a short glass with two ice cubes and filled halfway with Peppermint Schnapps that I’ve been nursing for the past hour..

The irony is that I’m listening to feel good drinking music while working on my second hit of Schnapps and I’m writing an essay for an English teacher position that’ll probably get looked over a dozen times for grammar, spelling, content, etc.

$5 says that they’ll read it and know I’m a classic 40’s Jazz Type that spends his nights drinking for writer’s inspiration….

Knowing Japan as well as I do… it just might be exactly what they want in their Gaijin teachers ;P

Yeah… he’ll fit in well with our school teachers XD

~J out


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