Finally got the internet working

In hopefully many posts i`ll describe what seems to be a mutual double helix of euphoria and frustration. However, for the most part I`m doing g.r.e.a.t! This ゛getting the net゛ thing has been a pretty good insight into what I probably will be facing all year. Thus please indulge me for a sec.

I think it started when my new boss and I were getting my cellphone setup. He had mentioned a bundle deal with NTT that could land me a house phone and internet. The question arose sometime around there if I needed help ゛setting up the internet.゛ What I thought that meant and what it really meant were to totally different things.

Eventually on a cloudy tuesday the NTT man showed up (late) to hook up my cables. He opened up a router box hooked it up to the wall, then my phone, told me some stuff and left. I instantly jumped over to plug my laptop in and get online, but alass it didn`t work. The thing is here in Japan I received a paper from NTT with some access info and next I recieved another letter from a local service provider. One I knew about the other I nearly threw away.. Both were dreadfully important.

I ended last night basically completely defeated. Nothing worked and I was at my wits end.

The next day felt better… I had slept a little and I had a crazy thought. I would go to the local electronics store (K`s Denki) and buy the cheapest computer they had. This would serve me as my home theater pc and navigating any Japanese software problems. The cheapest– decent computer ran me about 39man or nearly $400. It really is a nice PC that I know I`ll use like I did at home for gaming and stuff.. but for this story it hooked me up to the internet finally.

The biggest issues here that troubled me were A) Not knowing what was going on. B) Figuring out the language. C) Paying attention to details.

Regardless… I feel good now.

Pictures are on their way.

~J out

(using a Japanese keyboard)


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  1. I remember I was pretty stressed when I first got here for school in the US. I even hard a hard time ordering food at Taco Bell.

    After the first quarter, I started feeling better.

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