rediscovering the bicycle

It’s no big secret that I do have a car and that I have problem driving it. The thing about it is that it’s better suited for farther exploration then for putting around town. This is where I’ve opted recently to take the apartment’s mountain bike around and just ride it till I tire out.

Initially I was going to try the ‘run everyday’ in the morning routine. That’s something that I still want to do, but these past days have had some late nights.

So– like today– I took my bike out and rode to the new & used book store to pick up some kanji kentei books for my next endeavor I’ll write about soon. I also went looking for sandals and found some Japanese ‘zoori’ (?) or traditional bamboo sandals– as well as some– some uh… let’s call them knock off ‘crocs.’ These shoes actually are pretty comfortable. I’ve found that a size 28 fits me ‘ok.’ The best would be between a size 29 & 30– but I’ll make due. Size 28 is actually the very top of ‘mostly available’ shoes here.. the one thing though is that they’re often narrow, not wide.

Anyway– I have tons of video from tonight’s nebuta-ish matsuri parade, and video from Mutsu’s big nebuta that I participated in. Then tomorrow is an another thing.. If I get a decent period of free time I’ll start editing up those videos and start posting them… and my motivation for doing so will be to clear out my camera’s hard drive (40GB) that’s just about full… lol

Ok time for bed.. (10:53pm)


~J out


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