The Last of the Winter Semester

The Winter Semester is here is the shortest of all semesters at only 9 weeks verses Fall which is like 15 weeks. However, despite it’s length, Winter is the hardest to endure. The cold that builds up over the later Fall months of October, November, and December peaks and it zaps one’s energy and motivation to do anything. A trial by ice that, to prosper in it, takes an array of distractions and courage.

Luckily Winter isn’t forever and eventually it slowly gives to Spring. In terms of school, this week is the third to last week of winter. In other words I just have to make it through this week, next week, and the following week then spring break starts for three weeks.

I’m glad to see, if only on paper, winter end. It’s a time that I believe mixes people up because the time they would be spending outdoors doing things and keeping busy they’re indoors staying warm and idle. Idleness led to boredom, boredom led to thinking about stuff, which led to “bummer thoughts” sometimes. In any case spring should hopefully rescue us by the end of March and brighten our hopes with the melting of winter’s blank snow cover.

With spring, like the seeds of plants, our love of the joys of life… grows.

~J out


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