Gotsu: A World With-in


My journeys on the train eventually landed me in the great city of Hiroshima. There I was to meet my lady at the station and what a truly wonderful greeting I got too. In the shining city lights of Hiroshima at the turn styles outside Hiroshima Station was her waiting for a big hug that I promised her upon my arrival.

From there we ate a hardy plate of Hiroshima’s fabulous Okonomiyaki then walked along until we found a Tully’s coffee shop. From there we went to her home in the prefecture over– Shimane. There I spent about 5 days relaxing and enjoying some wonderful company & food.

In that time we also wandered about the prefecture. Shimane is a beautiful prefecture with lush green forests filled with evergreens and bamboo alike. It’s situated on the coast as well with Route 9 that connects most of the major cities along a gorgeous coastal road overlooking the Japan sea. On one of our excursions we went as far as Matsue where we took a ride on a boat around Matsue Castle’s Moat. Ending at a shop that had a micro brewery featuring Pale Ales and Pilsner beers.

It was real good to spend sometime with Lexi especially after all that’s happened up north. After about 5 or so days, however I left to go more further south to Hakata/Fukuoka where I met up with Alex on our loop to the ‘steemy’ Onsen town of Beppu.

More to come…

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  1. Gorgeous coastline, huh? Aomori has some pretty nice coast in my opinion. Too bad Matsue is so far away–there is a lot to see, and if you go a little further north you hit Tottori–which I have only been to once, but have very fond memories of as well.

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