A Multi-colored life

Three years ago this month I wrote a post that people mis-understood. Emotions were high and turbulent.. But it’s something I believe needed to be said and so I’m reposting again today.


A Multi-colored life is too hard to unravel and explain to the uninitiated.

The uninitiated is anyone other then oneself. A Multi-colored life is a lifetime comprised of Multi-colored objects. Multi-colored objects are a series of thought-strings and ideas that we contemplate over and over several times in order to bring us to a new beliefs, theories, or philosophies.

These Multi-colored objects are constructed out of our education, experiences, and details that only we are fully privy too. The cost of initiating the uninitiated, in this respect, is costly because as experiences age– the context of it is lost over time, even though the value of it remains. These are spirit-like entities in our conscience and thus as indescribable as metaphysical (God-like) experiences.

There are likely to be existing words, in several languages, in our world that could adequately characterize our Multi-colored lives. However it is the point where intellect and verbal skill meet to craft such adequate sentences where we fail. We fear the cost of diminishing returns* when we attempt to describe our Multi-colored lives. It is because we are initiated that we give special status to certain objects, like our spirit-like experiences, that as such we often do not want to cheapen these things for the uninitiated person’s understanding if we don’t have too.

*(that is to say– the point where our explanation of an Multi-colored object or event to the uninitiated fails to convey all of our original experience of it- the sensation, the feeling, smell, taste, excitement, etc.)

Our decision to not cheapen ourselves is no different then the daily decisions we make in regard to washing clothes now vs later, eating this over that, or engaging her over him. Though while we choose not to educate the uninitiated we sometimes can pay an equal price in that uninitiated will can become frustrated with what is perceived as us “not caring to explain” or “keeping someone purposely ignorant” (i.e. in the dark).

It isn’t for malcontent or hatred for the uninitiated that we keep from enlightening them, but rather out of love for them as well as, out of love for our precious memories that construct our Multi-colored life. For to enlighten the uninitiated with background, context, and such, can create unwanted confusion if we miss details or parts of the story. Confusion can lead to frustration and ill will towards us. To convey freely our minds we would have to initiate the uninitiated fully if we were to be completely understood with context. Yet this process comes with a heavier price of systematically laying out everything perfectly that has constructed our personality and way of thinking for somebody else that has their own Multi-colored life. This process can be painful as it is tedious and could bring back hurtful memories to us. Suffice to say that it is an ordeal that is quite possibly short-of-impossible to do correctly, though I can’t say for sure.

What does it all mean? Patience is Love. It all can’t be explained solely by us and thus efforts we make, periodically, to attempt the seemingly impossible is done out of love. Out of love we try to at least open small windows for the uninitiated in our lives if only to allow them to get a glimse into our complicated Multi-colored life.


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