Don’t be a show-off

Purpose: To Show boys the folly of pride.

Items needed: A box with a large mirror in it.
Many years ago, Jim, a young man noted for his physical strength, was challenged by a bully. “I’ll bet ten dollars,” taunted the bully, “that you can’t lift the side of my wagon until the wheel clears the ground.” Jim politely refused the challenge. Many of his friends were disappointed in him.
Sometime later while on his way home, Jim saw one of his friends in need. A wagon wheel was broken, and the man was trying to pry up the wagon with a pole to remove the wheel. Promptly Jim lifted the wagon, and the man easily slipped off the wheel.
“Jim, I don’t understand,” the man said. “A while ago you wouldn’t accept a challenge of strength, and now you use your muscles without being asked.”
Jim replied, “I don’t believe God gave me a strong body just to show off.”
We too should not be tempted by pride. Whatever we have, whether physical strength, good looks, material possessions, pleasing personality, or deep spirituality, it is given us to use to glorify God.
ceremony: Fellows would you like to see what can be your greatest enemy? You can, by looking into this box. (After boys have seen themselves in the mirror say:) Yes, fellows, if we are filled with pride, we ourselves can be our greatest enemy. Now let’s bow our heads, and pray that God will help us not to be “show-offs.”
Abide in Jesus….

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