Out of post-modernity to post-perspectivism!

Doing research and I came up with this quote from my Systematic Theology textbook.

“One may hold the view that power makes truth, so if one is able to assert one’s view and have that assertion go unchallenged, that person should simply go ahead and do so.”
“A more common explanation is that one is simply so unable to escape one’s own perspective as to be incapable of recognising that it is just that, a perspective. In other words, one’s own conditioning (or rearing) is so complete that it shields one from that recognition that one is not working from a neutral viewpoint.”
So then what is the logical solution?
“Taking seriously the reality of *perspectivism, but going beyond it.”
*That is: biases
But this is only possible to do with oneself… if one is willing to listen to another…
“Any attempt to establish one view as superior to another must either assume some standpoint or neutral perspective, or will ultimately reduce to the current world opinion that POWER establishes TRUTH, which is either force or manipulation.”
So that leaves us with the fact that if we don’t desire to use force, nor manipulation to fight our cause, then our only option is to remain silent and wait until the other person opens up to listen to an alternative view point.
As if that seems like any resolution at all…

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