The first word in Genesis


Here’s just a review of what was presented in the video:

1: This is the aleph-bet (Alphabet) of Hebrew:

The Hebrew Aleph-Beyt or Alphabet

 2: This chart shows the origins and meanings of the letters.

3: Take a look at the text…

Gen. 1:1: In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth… (NIV, NLT, NASB link)

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

haarez      v’et    hashamayim et    elohim       bara     bereshit     [<- This way]

The Earth  and   The heavens        God        created  In beginning [lit]

Take a look at the first word of the sentence: bereshit (pronounced: bə-rê-šîṯ)

Using our chart it breaks down

ב – (Bet, Beyt) Tent; Family, House, In

ר – (Resh) Head (of a man); first, top, beginning

*Together בר = bar… or tent-first = “the head of the tent” also means “son” or “son of” (link)

ברא or “b’ra” also means as a noun: son or child; as a verb: to create (which is the next word in Gen 1:1 “bara” or “b’ra”)

*So in the very first three letters we derive the words “son”; “son of”; or “to create” as if saying “the son, creates”

א – Aleph at the end of ברא means Strong, Power, Leader! It is the first letter in the hebrew alphabet and the first letter in the general word for God: אל  – el 

In hebrew it’s not a far stretch to say that Aleph is the symbol or mark for God. Silent, but powerful and mighty. 

ש – (Shin) Two front teeth; Sharp, Press, Eat, Two

The image is of one “devouring”, “eating, or “destroying”

י – (Yud, Yod) Arm and closed hand; Work, Throw, Worship

The image is of “one’s own work” or workmanship.

ת – (Taw) Crossed sticks, “+”; Mark, sign, signal, monument

The image is of putting one’s mark on something or displaying a signal. Note the word picture is of crossed sticks… 十

Ok let’s stand back and look at the word pictures put together:

Bar-A(leph) Shi(n) y(ud) t(aw) = The son (leader; one who creates)/ devours (the)/ their own workmanship / (with a) mark of crossed sticks.

Bereshit – The son’s workmanship destroyed on a cross = “In (the) Beginning…”


and this is how the bible begins…

Credit goes to late night surfing on youtube and landing on the not viewed so much, but informative: “My dutch uncle” John Kostik with his video series Jesus in Genesis. The video above is one of a series he started going over the first sentence in the Bible. I recommend if you’re interested in this sort of thing to take a look at his videos…



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