RTK Progress Report 2 (Ni)

Oh man… At 475 completed kanji it’s getting more and more difficult.

I’ll try to explain:

This method involves you grouping Kanji into three basic categories:

  1. Shin-Kanji or New Kanji characters- Where you write in a notebook the Keyword, make up a story about the kanji/keyword, write the kanji once, then input it into Anki or your SRS.
  2. Previously New/Un-reviewed Kanji– this is kanji that sits in your SRS like Anki or K2 that has yet to be reviewed once.
  3. Mature Kanji– This Kanji has been reviewed once or multiple times and often gets tagged as “Good-Easy” in Anki or “Yes (remembered)-Easy” in K2.

This all seems simple until you go ahead and light off a review of the last two together. Your mind has be completely sharp and sober, Les you miss or mix kanji elements together.

This all has made for bigger ‘fail’ counts for me.. I hate ‘failed kanji’ where I miss ones where either I can’t remember a primitives meaning to complete the kanji or it’s just a dumb mistake.

I should say that I’m almost totally migrating to SRS now for help in reviewing these buggers. It could be that 400 kanji is the max kanji you can safely manage without some SRS system, though I don’t know.

It could also be that I’m doing too much as well… Just this weekend I tackled nearly 80 kanji from Lesson 18 making it my overall record. This probably isn’t recommended either– but the proof of remembering it all– will be in the pudding if the ones I failed in the first go around don’t get re-failed twice or more… Hmm… I call this “Failure Management.”

As for my developing Japanese page… there’s some documents I have in the works that I want to post:

  • A text file (perhaps) or web page with my stories and keywords for RTK.
  • A text file or link to one I found on the web for all RTK1&3 with instructions on how to navigate it.
  • A Google doc spreadsheet that’s like the former text file for non-terminal gurus (like me).
  • A link to a PDF with flashcards for all RTK
  • More links, pdf’s, etc…
  • Challenges and assignments that help maybe.

And of course anything else I can remember or have in my bookmarks, documents, or anything. The goal isn’t to make it comprehensive, as much as provide what I can to those who want it.

Ok so I’ll try to keep twitter updated through out the week, I’ll post if I add anything to the Japanese Page, and I’ll be keeping up my RTK– Next week’s goal is to finish Part two and start Part 3 (which is 33 kanji more to go).

~J out


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